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Greenville Travel Agency, Inc.
3926 Kennett Pike
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Across the Nation - Around the World Serving our Clients for over 60 years. How may we help you?

Over the last 25 years GTA Meeting Services has grown from producing small meetings, (10-50 attendees), to large, multi-site convention sized meetings. Much of our experience has been in the Medical/Pharmaceutical Sector. Our clients have included the major U.S. pharmaceutical companies and  biotechnology firms. Our data processing systems are designed to handle large multiple meetings concurrently. We have a long track record having successfully produced  hundreds of meetings.

We have worked  with the corporation, meeting  planner, advertising/communications company or secretary in charge of  meetings. GTA offers  a range of services that manages the entire meeting project from planning through execution. We support online registration as well as toll free contact numbers. We do the contract work with the hotel and manage the hotel bookings and transportation. Working  with everyone from the corporate side to attendees, speakers and staff. We take the stress off the companies in house staff  and produce a professional meeting keeping the company informed and in control. If you are given responsibility for creating a meeting or event, whether it's for 10 or 10,000,  GTA will help produce all or any part of it. Call us, you will be surprised at what we can do for you. 1 800 456 3585